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Dear Anno Mitchell,


Your enquiry has been copied to me because I am have been working on the TC spill and its consequences ever since it happened.


I am now 92 and I can still remember the sight and the SMELL of the oil.


I apologize for being slow to respond while thinking about your questions.


The Marine Biological Association of the U.K. has a large collection of records, reports.  publications, and photographs, mainly in the library and Archives (NMBL).

Access may be difficult  at the moment because the building is undergoing internal reconstruction and many staff are working from home.


I have been working from my home since the start of the covid  pandemic because of my age, but I am still an Honorary Research Fellow, and able to use the MBA e-mail to keep in touch.


I have a few questions: 


Do you know the coasts of Devon and Cornwall fairly well ?


Do you live near enough to Plymouth to visit the library easily and frequently?


Have you discovered the MBA’s book published in 1968?  You maybe able to  find it in your local public Library or second hand on Amazon?


Smith J E (1968) Torrey Canyon Pollution and Marine Life. Cambridge University Press.



I will try to send some more information soon,


Eve Southward



Dr Eve C. Southward,

Lankester Honorary Research Fellow

Dear Anno Mitchell,

Thanks for your reply, . I have attached a file with a lot of news photos in it, I hope you will be able to open and read it.

I am interested to know that you live in Brighton, It is quite a long drive from Plymouth , I have viewed your website and see you work in a variety of styles.

I think that at the images that remain in Cornish memories are likely to be seabirds dripping with oil, and teams of people frantically scrubbing the seashore in preparation for the imminent tourist season.

We did have samples of oil for analysis and experiment, but I do not know if any remain.

Do read the Torrey Canyon book, there are plenty of illustrations. It will guide your search when you visit the library.
best wishes,
Eve Southward

Your message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Torrey Canyon_ 50 years since the day the sea turned black. _ Climate Change

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