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Artefacts relating to the wreck of The Torrey Canyon

I’d wanted to see the wreck, if not the wreck then the space the wreck was in - at least the space it had been once. In retrospect perhaps I distrusted the traces available to me and thought against any logic, that instead of evidence - the archives and footage and remnant's, that looking at the sea itself would be somehow enough. I’m not sure what I expected but the growing realisation that I was thinking about places and matter rather than abstraction made travel inevitable.

I imagined a compass. With the lack of an actual boat and diving suit it was really a question of getting close. I planned to go to Land’s End and look across the channel to the Scilly Isles, to go to the Scilly’s and look back. And to travel as well as I could near the wreck site to see at least something of the reef.

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