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We get the tourist bus to Land’s End to film and to inspect the various archeological fragments on the cliff edges and walk to Sennen Cove. There must be a word for the kind of tourist attraction it is, things that have grown attractions around a fingerpost or a view.


We pull up into a coach park on the bare headland and walk through the gateways into something not really a theme park but more a collection of concessions gathered around a central open courtyard. People have been coming here as tourists since the 17th Century, the First and Last Inn built in the 18th century is the base for the Land’s End hotel at the end of the entertainment complex, an unlovely lump of faulty towers hospitality at the end of the grim collection of cafes, amusement arcades and souvenir stalls.


But then what else can you do with something that’s just the end of something. Back outside by the coach stop the strangest thing; a small brand new stone circle with cement models of cottages lining it like some Beconscott Averbury.

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